Triminex Green Coffee Bean Review

My sister’s weight has always been fluctuating ever since we were in high school. Few weeks back when I saw her after long, she seemed really thin and couldn’t stop talking about this new supplement she was using. “Triminex Green Coffee”, she said, “is totally awesome. Jules, you better review it, it really works!” So, here I am, reviewing the product my sister suggested and apparently benefitted from.

An Easy Weight Loss Solution!

It is a weight loss supplement and a quick fix solution for those who either don’t like to work out or just don’t have the patience/time for it. According to its claims, it also works quite fine without having any dieting assistance. So in other words, this supplement is a miracle in a pill.

Triminex Green Coffee Ingredients

List of ingredients as given by representative:

  • Chlorogenic Acid (green coffee key weight loss ingredient)
  • Caffeine (Minimal Quantity)
  • Antioxidants

How Does Triminex Green Coffee Work?

  • Chlorogenic Acid present in green coffee helps block fat transformation inside the body
  • With no more fat conversion occurring in the body, the food and fat stores are burned as energy
  • Caffeine stimulates body and mind by energizing it and helps one stay alert
  • Antioxidants prevent radical damage and also prevent body from binging (emotional/stress induced)
  • It also delays glucose from entering the blood stream

10 Days of ‘Quick-Fix’ Supplement!

I received my 14 days evaluation pack within two days which meant, 10 days to test and two days to return.

I these 10 days, I made no particular changes in my diet which comprises light snacks, veggies and occasional junk food. But I included a 30 minutes jogging routine. Although there were no side effects but the supplement took some time to make its presence felt. By 6th day, I felt energetic and fuller. As of 10th day, I weigh 98lbs (weighed 101.6lbs on 1st day).

The results have been positive which make this worth recommending.

The Over-all Benefits of using this Weight Loss Formula!

  • Optimizes weight loss efforts
  • Natural and tested ingredients
  • Concentrated 800 MG Green Coffee Extract per serving
  • Suitable for vegans (veggie capsule cap)
  • Manufacturing facility GMP certified
  • High Chlorogenic Acid quantity (50%)
  • Free sample available (with home delivery)

Side Effects?

The supplement is all natural and there are no harmful effects. Though keep safety measures in mind.



  • Results unproven for pregnant or nursing mommies
  • Could react with prescription medicines (negatively), so be wary of using it with medicines etc
  • Retail unavailability might prove to be a downer

Where to Buy?

Triminex Green Coffee can be ordered from its official website.




Tips And Ideas For Winter Skincare!

Winters are generally related to woolens and cozy blankets and people take best care of their body and in this, skin also needs the best care. Skin feels the same chilled and dry weather and needs to be cared as well. It is best to start with winter skincare regime which will prevent your skin from being blotchy and dry.

Tips for taking care of your skin in winters:

  • Hydrate Your Body

You need to manage a proper diet that keeps your system in order. Consume foods like flax seeds, salmon and walnuts which will keep your body nourished with natural essential oils. Drink ample amount of water to maintain hydration level in the system.

  • Gentle Glow

It’s time to use body facial cleansers and gels for winters to revitalize your skin along with restoring natural moisture levels. Winter needs gentle oil based products and keep a distance from water based. These will keep moisture trapped inside your skin.

  • Heels and Hands

Cracked heels are not liked by anyone and dry hands look ugly, but these are common as soon as the winter strikes. To deal with these issues, don’t forget to moisturize your feet and hands. Use a moisturizer, message them completely, and cover your heels and hands with socks and gloves so that the moisture will get easily absorbed in.

  • Sunscreen

You should use sunscreen in winter as well. Try to use SPF 15 for winters and apply this 30 minutes before while going outdoors. If due to dryness, you are experiencing any itching, use a sunscreen with moisturizer.

  • Pace The Peels

In order to keep your skin stay away from dryness, avoid using harsh face masks. Try to find some strong stuff that contains petroleum jelly or glycerin instead.

  • Avoid Harsh Treatments

Hot water bath is very relaxing and enjoyable in winters but you should know this that hot water will take out all the moisture from your skin and leave it dry. Use lukewarm water for taking a bath and always apply body lotion on the entire body.

Some Cosmetics Which You Can Use In Winters

  • Use dark brown tones of eye shadow
  • Hydrating powder for a natural look and to escape that patchy scales
  • Have hand and body lotions for wrinkle free skin
  • Under-eye cream for concealing purpose
  • Use some intensive lip balm

If you are following proper skin care regime in winters then this will maintain your soft, smooth and radiant look forever, irrespective of the weather and season.

Skin Benefits Of Papaya – Let Us Know About Them!

Here are some of the best benefits of Papaya for your skin. Let’s have a look at some of the homemade remedies using this fruit that can do wonders on your skin.

  • Reduces Signs of Aging 

It is said that if you rub the peel of banana continuously after eating it this will not only rejuvenate your skin but also fight against early signs of aging. However, if you already have wrinkles on your face this will help reduce their appearance and make skin more firmer. It does it so the fruit contains AHA’s or Alfa-Hydroxy Acid that is blessed to have anti-aging properties.

  • For Hydrated Skin, Use Papaya 

To get your skin really hydrated you can use papaya fruit and mix it with honey and then apply on your face. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off. You can repeat the process in your idle time to get maximum benefits.

  • How To Treat Dry Skin? 

Use a small section of papaya for your skin. Mix it with malai or milk cream and keep it for 20 minutes on your skin. Then wash your face away with cold water. Wow! This will not only refreshes up your facial skin but also make it look soft and supple.

  • The Best Moisturizer 

Simple yet very effective the papaya fruit is best as a skin moisturizer. All you need is blend a ripe papaya properly and make a fine paste. Then apply the same on your face and keep it for 15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water, and see the change. We are sure you are going to love your skin after using it.

  • Tighten Your Skin 

This is a bit interesting. You can prepare an easy homemade remedy to tighten your skin which is somehow lost its appeal because of open pores with papaya. Take a small section of this fruit and mix it with honey and also add rice-flour for 20 minutes. You need to continue with this process for about three times a week to get much healed and improved skin.

  • Best As Body Scrub 

Why to waste money and buy expensive body scrubs from the market? You can easily make homemade body scrub which is not only natural but best for your skin. Mash raw papaya and mix it with honey, olive oil and salt spa carefully. Then apply it overall your body for 20-25 minutes. Then remove it for a much better and glowing and refreshing body.

Enjoy a healthier skin easily now!

Take Care Of Your Skin And Look Beautiful!

I’ve a dry skin and I can easily understand the problems it creates for a person. First of all, I’m afraid of early signs of aging, like wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, dark spot, age spot, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. It makes me so mad that I always take good care of my skin, so that it does not take me to premature aging. I thought that many other women must be wandering about, must be puzzled about how to take care of their dry skin. That is the reason I thought to write an article containing simple home remedies which can help you keep your skin younger for longer than ever.

Let’s Start With The Symptoms Of Dry Skin

If your skin needs moisture after washing or you see white lines there on your face when it’s dry, these are the symptoms to recognize you have a dry skin.

Hot No, Warm Yes

Steamy bath feels good and relieves you from all the tiredness caused by all day hard work. But it is not a good idea for a person, who has a dry skin. This is because; it makes your skin even drier. Hot water wipes away the natural oil from your body. So don’t dial the temperature too high and do not linger too long. Take a warm shower for not more than 5-10 minutes.

Cleanse Gently

Use gentle cleanser whenever you shower. Soaps with fragrance or antibacterial properties can be harsh and stern on the skin. You can opt for a cleanser that contains natural oils. These are fatty molecules that help making outer layer of your skin.

Shave Smartly

When you shave off unwanted hair, you are scraping off natural oils. It can also irritate your skin. The best timing for shaving is after bath as the hair at this point of time are softer and more pliable that makes shaving easier. Also, shave in the direction which hair is growing in.

Cover Up

Sun damage is the worst reason behind skin’s dullness, dryness, wrinkles, and roughness. You can protect it by wearing a sunscreen of SPF 30 and covering up your body with cloths.

Apply moisturizers within a minute of face wash and using a gentle liquid face wash. This locks the moisture in your skin for longer. There are many more things to do for dry skin but the above-mentioned are common and easy to apply. Try to follow these instructions and have a flawless skin.

Natural Ways To Stop Snoring – Check Out!

It is almost same situation for everyone that nobody would like to kick out of room while sleeping just because of noisy and irritating snores. The problem like snoring should be treated on time as it greatly interferes with your ability as working professional besides it also ruins your relationship with your life partner. People who suffer from snoring problem look around for feasible ways to stop snoring. If you find for ways to stop snoring then there are various anti snoring products available on the web but it will be good to go for natural ways to stop snoring habit.

To help you in this snoring issue, few other natural remedies to eliminate and reduce snores are mentioned below:

  • People who suffer from nasal congestion should try steam inhalation or can even use decongestant sprays for easy breathing. Stay away from seasonal allergies, take help of prescription medicines and anti allergy spray over the counter.
  • You should try to follow yoga that will strengthen your muscles. Easy and quiet breathing will help you to get well-toned neck.
  • It is suggested to sleep on your side if you are a snorer. Sleeping on back can make your snoring susceptible as compared to ones sleeping on their sides.
  • Take bath from warm water before going to bed, as it will help you to acquire rejuvenating effect.
  • You can even try herbal remedies and to get calming and soothing effect, ways like acupressure and meditation are of great benefit.
  • Try to use honey as it has warming effects. Start your dose with just one tablespoon of honey.
  • Plan a sleep routine for yourself and stick to it.
  • Gaining excessive weight also results in snoring. SO, surely those extra layers of aft should be removed by exercising or dieting.
  • Those people who breathe from mouth should try to use mouth sealants and chin straps which facilitate nose breathing.

If you do not use right treatment for snoring then it can definitely lead to bigger troubles like apnea.  So, it is better to use homemade remedies. Other than these natural remedies, an effective product known as snore zip which is used for same purpose which helps you to acquire your goal and does not give any side effects as it is made of all natural ingredients. It is not right to throw snorer out of the room, instead support the person to implement above listed ways for stop snoring.

Health and Skin Benefits Of Lemon!

Here below are mentioned some of the best benefits of lemon. These will help you understand that in how many different ways you can make use of it and feel good about it. Here is the show below.

  • Anti-Aging Properties 

It is said that lemon fights free radicals that are responsible to experience early signs of aging. It is a natural anti-oxidant that is when applied in juicy form helps skin look clearer and stronger.

  • Treats Infections 

If in case you are suffering from throat problem and salt water is really not working for you must try combination of water and lime. The anti-bacterial properties of lemon will help fight problem easily and thus give you a sigh of relief.

  • Kidney Stones 

Even though lukewarm lemon water is considered good to stay in shape but still its over-drinking sometimes cause urinary citrate, a chemical in urine. So, it is better to get in touch with doctor before you go on lemon juice weight loss regime.

  • Weight Loss 

Yes, you have heard it right. If you are suffering from excess weight gain then the easy and risk-free way to fight the problems is to have a lukewarm glass of lime juice everyday. However, if you take it empty stomach or just after 5 minutes of jogging this will double the benefits for you.

  • Honey Mix 

If in case you have a skin full of pores then it is must for you to get it clean everyday. First, you wash your face with salicylic acid and then apply the mix of honey and lemon. This wll help fill pores and give it a soft touch.

  • Oral Health 

In case of extreme problems like toothaches and bleeding gums you can have lemon juice for a speedy recovery.

  • Helps Kill Dandruff 

Yes, you heard it right. In case you have dandruff in your hair then massage your hair with two tablespoon of lemon juice. This home remedy will definitely reduce the problem for you.

  • Hangover Headaches 

You can treat your overnight hangover problem by having a lemon juice with a few teaspoons of hot tea.

  • Natural Growth Of Nails 

Even though the best method to grow your nails is not to eat them. But if side by side you apply lemon juice on them this will also result in faster growth. However, if you have weak nails then also lemon juice will be of great help. 

TIP – Lemon is also good to freshen your fridge.

Tips For A Beautiful Life!

Today everyone is leading a very hectic life. No one has time for themselves and for their  loved ones. Stuck in daily ruckus somewhere makes you all forgetful which is actually dam important to live life peacefully. Here in this article I will give you some important methods that you must apply in life. However, their regular application will help keep tensions and worries at bay and most importantly, get you more closer to your loved ones.

Here we begin…

  • You Must Jog 

Yes, it is very important for you to job early morning. You can ask your grandparents and parents to accompany you. And if you have any younger brother or sister then nothing like that. Together as a family you can indulge in at least 45 minutes of running and when feel tired you can talk while walking. Jogging, running or indulging in regular physical activities is very important especially when you know that you will have to sit for long hours in gym. Hence your body especially your legs and stomach need to be rejuvenated.

  • You Must Eat Right 

Only jogging would not serve the purpose if you wish longer and inspirational. It is mandatory for you to eat healthy so that you become wealthy too. Eating nutritional food will keep your internal body system in place and thus boost you to work harder and earn handsomely. Further, it is also believed that if you eat right this will prevent your body from falling prey to several diseases and thus keep your focused to achieve goals.

  • Always Think Positive 

See ups and downs are the part of your life. But that does not mean that you make your attitude negative towards life. Autumn will be covered by spring soon. Carrying a positive attitude is not just the need of your mind but also the need of your body as negative thinking may adversely affect your hormones. Therefore make worse situation of your body.

  • Yoga – Its Different Form Of Exercises 

Yoga has proved to be an effective tool in treating several problems of life. You and your family members can soon join yoga classes to get natural treatment of your problems. However, simultaneously, this would help you spend quality time with them.

  • Do Something Interesting 

You must do something that caters your attention. It is very important for you to get some time for yourself as life is very harsh to take away everything in no minute. On the other end you should also know what the elders of your family want to make them feel special.

Do share your experiences with us…

Let’s Try To Remove Dandruff From Root Naturally!

Dandruff is a fungal allergy which is a main cause for hair loss. So if you are suffering from hair loss; then do check whether this is because of dandruff or something else. Even it impacts hair growth and causes many more defects to hair. If you are trying to resolve your hair problem, then I would suggest you to remove dandruff first. So, let’s discuss some home remedies for fighting stubborn dandruff:

  • Yogurt Has Anti-Dandruff Property

Yogurt is found to be the best ingredient to reduce the intensity of scaling. You can use it with two table spoon of black pepper, and then grind them properly. Apply this mixture on the affected area, leave on for an hour then wash it.

  • Dandruff Treatment With Olive Oil

Take some lukewarm olive oil and apply it on the scalp in circular motions before going to bed. Wash it off in the morning. Olive oil has natural clarifying and moisturizing properties. It is one of the best practiced home remedies for dandruff.

  • Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil

Lemon is known for its anti-dandruff functions. You can take one table spoon of lemon juice and five table spoon of coconut oil. Blend it well; then apply it on the scalp and keep it for 20-25 minutes. Wash it away with a mild shampoo.

  • Vinegar Is Effective On Dandruff

Vinegar is enriched with potassium and enzymes, they fight well with itchy scalp and Dandruff. Give a gentle massage to your scalp with apple cider vinegar for five to seven minutes. This vinegar also helps you remove dead skin cells which lead to the dandruff. You can also mix a spoonful of vinegar in a mug of water and wash your hair with it.

  • Remove Dandruff Flakes With Baking Soda

Add one tablespoon of baking soda with handful of shampoo; it removes all hidden dandruff from your hair.

  • Use Aloe Vera Gel To Remove Dandruff

Aloe Vera is very effective to cure skin damage and dandruff. Apply its gel on the scalp, leave it on for fifteen minutes, and then wash it off. It will remove dandruff and add shine to it.

  • Egg Works Good On Dandruff

To use egg for your hair, you need to beat two eggs and apply it on scalp; wash your hair after one hour. This removes dandruff; add shine to your hair and acts as a conditioner as well.

  • Use Neem Leaves

Neem is enriched with antiseptic properties to get rid of every kind of skin allergy. Prepare the paste of Neem leaves and apply it on your scalp, and then wash it off after half an hour.

Try these remedied to get rid of dandruff.

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Your Body!

Have you ever tried olive oil? By name, it may sound like a regular oil but actually it is not. In real world it has so many benefits that can add years to your health and skin. All you need to do is be with me till I stop writing as this will help you get clear understanding of its nature, uses and benefits. Here is a show below.

  • Helps Treat Sunburn 

In case your body meets upon any sunburn and form redness then the best and easy way to deal with is Olive Oil. Shake it well and apply on the affected area this will definitely give you a sigh of relief. However, its regular application will treat it to none.

  • Good For Heart 

Yes, in a scientific study it is revealed that people who usually have LDL (bad) cholesterol must eat food cooked in olive oil. This will maintain the level and convert into HDL (good) cholesterol. However, by doing this regularly will also make their heart stronger and prevent it against heart strokes.

  • Reduces Acne Problem 

If you use olive oil mix with lemon this will definitely treat acne. Further, it also reduces blackheads problem naturally and keep your facial skin moisturized.

  • Helps Fight Obesity 

If you eat food that is cooked in olive oil this will prevent your hunger cravings and your interest in sugary products. Its regular use as a cooking oil keeps your stomach full for the whole day.

  • Hair Conditioner 

If your hair are suffering from dandruff and this also prevents their natural growth then you can use olive oil. Its regular application will reduce the problem for you as well as keep your mane lustrous.

  • An Important Ingredient For A Face Mask 

You are born beautiful but your hectic schedule has somewhere destroyed the natural beauty of your face. In this case don’t worry. Just make a natural face pack at home containing honey, olive oil and an egg yolk. Keep it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. This will provide soothing effect to your face.

  • Best Soap For Face 

If you are short of time to take care of your skin regularly then its better to buy a soap made of olive oil. This will keep aging and dull skin at bay. 

Do share your views with us.


Almonds – Nut With Various Benefits!

Almonds are nuts with many benefits. One should try to eat almonds daily because it is very nutritious and tasty.

Various Health Benefits

  • Reduce Risk Of Heart Attack – According to a study, all those people who eat almonds five times in a week have 50 percent reduced risk of heart attack
  • People With Lower Bad Cholesterol – Whenever almond is added to a diet, it shows positive effect on level of blood cholesterol
  • Save Artery Wall From Damage – It reduces the risk of heart diseases because flavonoids present in almond skin work with the vitamin E
  • Almonds Build Strong Teeth And Bones – The phosphorous present in almonds make bones and teeth strong
  • Aid In Weight loss And Provide Healthy Fats – Almond has high fat level and regular almond eaters are thinner on average than those people who never consume them
  • Controls Diabetes – It minimizes the raise in blood sugar level and insulin after having meal
  • They Give Good Brain Function – nutrients present in this increases brain activity and also reduce Alzheimer’s disease
  • Nourish Nervous System – It raises the intellectual level and longevity
  • Alkalize The Body – It is the only nut and one in few proteins that have forming of alkaline and this protects you from weight gain, low energy, poor immune function and few more

Some Facts….

  • It is mainly stone fruit that is related to plum, peaches and cherries
  • United States produces largest number of almonds
  • From ancient times, almonds has been popular ingredient in potions and lotions


Store them in airtight container. It remains best in cool environment like refrigerator and dark place and there they can stay in good condition for two years. If you want them in good condition for up to four years then freeze them inside airtight containers.


They originated first in North Africa and Asia and included in various historical books like bible. If it is eaten in few dozen at a time then it can be fatal.

Nutritional Value

  • It contains 13 percent protein
  • One ounce of almond can be rich source of calcium, iron, potassium and also vitamin B
  • It is a strong antioxidants
  • Almond is rich source of Vitamin E
  • They are cholesterol free
  • 20 to 25 almonds consists of as much calcium as ¼th cup of milk

Ways To Eat Almond!

  • Almond flour
  • Almond milk
  • Green almond
  • Almond oil
  • Try to eat almonds with skin
  • Almond oil
  • Use it in skin and apply it on hair

So, we can see that almonds have various benefits.

Get Slim, Beautiful And Healthy With Green Tea!

You must be aware of the benefits of Green Tea, right? So, have you ever tried this antioxidant rich tea? Well, the tea has numerous amazing health benefits that keep you fit and healthy as well as encourages you to add this herbal tea in your diet. In addition to this, green tea provides marvelous health benefits to your health and keeps you active and fit for long.

Let’s just find out some surprising benefits that you can get from Green Tea. Keep on reading…

  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels

If you are suffered with cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol, then this tea is ideal for you. Drinking green tea on regular basis can reduce cholesterol mainly LDL and help you stay fit and healthy. So, when are you starting your day with this amazing tea?

  • Prevents Heart Disease

Green tea helps to prevent stroke and various heart diseases by lowering down the level of bad cholesterol. Besides, this prevents cell deaths and recovers the heart cells even after the heart attack.

  • Maintains Ideal Weight

Green tea is very beneficial for the body to loss excess of weight and help you become slim. It burns undesired fat from the body and boosts metabolism levels naturally. Also, it helps you to burn up to 70 calories in just one day.

  • Prevents Aging

Drinking green tea on a regular basis that helps to fight against free radicals owing to its antioxidant known as polyphenols. This helps you to fight against aging and makes you look young and glowing for longer period of time.

  • Helps In Preventing Stroke

The main cause of strokes is clogging of blood vessels. Many times, due to increase in saturated fats and oils blood vessels may clogged and this may burst arteries and blood vessels. So, drinking green tea can help in reducing the risk of strokes.

  • Prevents Arthritis

Green Tea helps to reduce the risk of arthritis from your body and provides you numerous health benefits. This protects your cartilage by blocking the harmful enzymes that destroys it.

  • Strengthen Bones

Drinking green tea regularly can easily help to preserve the density of bones. Owing to the high content of fluoride in it, green tea has proven beneficial for lots of other factors too.

Green Tea can not only good for your health but also for your skin. So, go ahead and enjoy your cup of green tea so as to enjoy its numerous health benefits.